Landing page
What is Landing Page?

Why should businesses use the Landing Page?

The primary purpose of the landing page – is to encourage action. This can be to provide services, buy goods, subscribe to newsletters, register, send contact, and other actions. The more accurately allocated the circle of the audience is, the easier it is to make an offer.
The main advantage of a landing page is that the buyer does not have a “blurred vision” of other products. The buyer does not waste his attention on them and quickly makes a purchasing decision.

Landing pages are created and effectively used by retailers of all niches and sizes:

Frequently Asked Questions?
Landing Page or Online Store?

The landing page differs from the online store only in the number of products represented and the uniqueness of the proposal for a particular product. On one page, we need to correctly position all the advantages of the product or service, thereby creating the so-called sales funnel.

The cost depends on many factors and your wishes in functions. Each of your requests is processed individually. After receiving your request, we will contact you to learn more about all the details, and after that, we will make a cost calculation for landing development.

Yes, of course. We take into account all your wishes in the development of the landing page. We can also offer 2-3 design options to choose from.

It all depends on your design wishes. Usually, it takes 7-10 days to develop a turnkey landing page.

Landing page
We make amazing landing pages that sell products.
See all the items that are included in the landing page development package

Business niche analysis

We deeply analyze the niche of your business and your competitors. From this, we draw the correct conclusions about the different structures of work and promotion strategies.

Semantic core collection and clusters breakdown

We collect the semantic core for the site and distribute it into clusters. On this basis, we develop the structure of the future Shopify store.

Site structure development

The structure of our sites is simple and complies with all regulations of UX/UI.

Webstore design development

We can develop landing page designs as a website from scratch and use ready-made templates to finalize their design for your business.

Internal SEO optimization

Your landing page will be prescribed all the meta tags, IMG ALTs, and TITLEs, and all the headings will be in the right amount and place. This will have a positive impact on the further Google's ranking.

Products uploading

We'll upload all your product to the landing page and set up everything so you can start selling as soon as possible.

Our Works
Here you can find our work
Landing pages that already bring profit to their owners.

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Pricing Table
Landing page developing service
Pricing Table.

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  • Functional Landing page
  • Up to 2 pages
  • 2 ready-made templates
  • Content upload
  • SEO Meta data
  • Setup payment gateway



  • Functional Landing Page
  • Unlimited pages
  • Custom template design
  • Full Internal SEO optimization
  • Responsive design
  • Content upload
  • Full SEO Meta data
  • Setup payment gateway
  • Google Analytics + Lead response Setting up



  • Functional Landing page
  • Up to 5 pages
  • 4 ready-made templates
  • Full Internal SEO optimization
  • Responsive design
  • Content upload
  • SEO Meta data
  • Google Analytics Setting up

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