About the project

Background: Colleido company is a small business that specializes in selling handmade crafts and home decor items. They have been in business for several years and have a loyal customer base, but they do not have an online presence. The company’s owners have decided to create a website to expand their customer base and increase their sales.

Objective: To create a professional and user-friendly website for Colleido company using WordPress that will allow customers to easily browse and purchase products online.

Landing page



  • The website will include a homepage, a product catalog, a shopping cart, and a checkout page.
  • The product catalog will include images, descriptions, and pricing for all of the company’s products.
  • The website will be fully responsive and optimized for all devices.
  • The website will be integrated with a payment gateway to allow customers to make purchases securely.

What we did


  • Research and analysis of competitors’ websites and best practices for e-commerce websites
  • Selection of a suitable WordPress theme that matches the company’s branding and style
  • Installation and customization of the theme, including logo and color scheme
  • Installation and configuration of necessary plugins, such as WooCommerce, for e-commerce functionality
  • Creation of pages and posts, including the product catalog, using the WordPress editor
  • Testing and debugging of the website to ensure that it is fully functional and user-friendly
  • Deployment of the website to a live server
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates to the website

Results & Stats


The project will take approximately 1-2 months to complete, including testing and debugging.

Budget: The total cost of the project will be approximately $5,000, including the cost of the theme, hosting, and any additional plugins or services.

Expected Results:

  • A professional and user-friendly website that accurately represents the company’s brand and products
  • Increased online visibility and sales for XYZ Company
  • A positive return on investment for the company in the form of increased revenue.
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