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What is a SEO Audit?

Why SEO Audit is so important?

SEO audit is a detailed analysis of the site for technical issues and checking for compliance with official and unofficial requirements of search engines. This analysis allows a set of measures to eliminate all issues in the project, which prevent its successful web ranking.

SEO audit is the first and necessary step before the start of complex SEO. This is the starting point of all work on the project. Regardless of whether the site has been managed or is a very young resource, an audit should be performed before starting any work on SEO.
SEO audit is required in the following cases:

SEO audit is required in the following cases:

SEO audit is exactly what you need

The site is at the stage of creation or recently launched?

In most cases, web developers creating a new website don’t care about adequately implementing all the necessary SEO components. The main thing for them – is to make a website following the visual concept of the designers and the necessary functionality. But what is the point of making a beautiful, fast, comfortable, and usually expensive website if, without proper SEO, users can’t find it on Google? Therefore, before taking on the work of the developers (and ideally even before the stage of website creation) should conduct an SEO audit and consider all the necessary factors for the site promotion. Only after that you should start full-fledged work on its promotion.

SEO audit is exactly what you need

The site was managed by SEO company, but no significant results were achieved?

In such a case, you should also start with a comprehensive SEO audit of the project. We don’t know the level of expertise of previous contractors, their experience in SEO-promoting sites, and the results. Therefore, you should check the site for errors. Perhaps essential factors influencing the output of the top search engines have not been considered.

What exactly is included in the SEO Audit package?


In addition to a detailed study of the site itself, you should analyze the business theme and competitors' sites. This will help determine the strengths and weaknesses of the project to form a different development strategy.


This part of the audit includes an analysis of indicators such as the current link mass site, the history of accumulation of links, donor quality, anchor list analysis, and other external factors. How well executed link building strategy depends on the likelihood of getting the site under the sanctions of search engines or avoiding those sanctions. Therefore, assessing the current situation and planning further action is essential.


This includes factors such as: site structure (headings, categories, sections); indexation rates; meta-data; content (relevance, uniqueness, format); service files and folders; other factors. Each of these parameters has a varying degree of influence on the site's ranking in search engines, so each of these items must be optimized according to the latest requirements of search engines.

What exactly are we doing in the SEO Audit package?

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