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Effective and safe SEO of young sites?

Why is this so important?

The young site SEO has many distinctive features from the SEO of an Internet resource with long experience. For search engines, such a concept as the resource age is essential, and the game rules are not the same for sites “in age” and young projects. This is especially true for areas with commercial themes.

Counting on rapid returns, running in promoting a young site is incorrect. As a rule, the first results for a commercial website can wait for 4-6 months, depending on the niche.

A young site is not necessarily a newly created resource and is open to indexing by search engines. If the site meets the following parameters, then it also falls under the definition of a “young site”:

What we do
A set of actions for the comprehensive SEO promotion of a young site includes items such as:

Thanks to our methodology and experience, your site will already have a steady increase in traffic in a few months. It will increasingly gain the trust of search engines. The key to promoting a young site is choosing the right strategy, even at the start-up phase.

The timing of achieving the desired results largely depends on factors such as the level of competition in a particular niche, the number of keywords you have chosen, the quality of the site, and many others. It is also worth noting that an SEO audit should be carried out before the start of the project. As practice shows, on average, it will take six months to reach the top 10 of the main search queries.

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