What is Google Search Ads?

Why is Google Search Ads needed?

Google Ads search engine advertising is a very effective way to attract targeted traffic for your business. Your ads are shown above the natural search results and immediately attract the attention of potential buyers. With suitable search engine ads, you can get customers as soon as you run your ads. You will only pay per click on your ad. We know many ways to reduce cost per click in any niche, so you’ll pay a fair price per click on the Google Search Ads auction.

The main advantages of search advertising:

What is the difference between setting up contextual advertising in our agency?

Analysis of the client's site activity

Before we start setting up advertising, we thoroughly analyze the product, the site, the competitors, and the client's target audience. Therefore, our advertising campaign development strategies are always individual and are not based on template solutions, allowing your advertising to stand out among the competitors. Also, based on the data we receive, we provide detailed recommendations for changes to the site, which will improve customer loyalty and thus increase conversions and your profits.

In-depth study of key queries

With the help of professional statistics programs gathering clients' search queries, we collect the most extensive and complete information about what your target audience is looking for and what they are interested in the product they are promoting. This allows you to choose target keywords for your project and, more importantly, to exclude irrelevant queries, which can eat up a large part of the budget in the standard advertising setting.

Definition of campaign performance indicators

Together with the client, we define key performance indicators (KPIs) based on which a contextual advertising strategy will be built. In addition, we set up a package of individual goals, reports, and indicators in analytics systems to better analyze user behavior on the site, determine the prospective audience, and work to increase their interaction with the project (purchases, recognition, loyalty, and interest).

Fine-tuning the Google Ads campaign

Based on the project's data, we offer the client an individual scheme of running ads, including specially selected tools and strategies for the project. As a result, you get an effective and highly competitive position in Google ads initially, allowing you to get better positions at a lower cost.

Results Analysis

We carry out a deep analysis of the results of Google advertising campaigns. Based on this, we conclude the effectiveness and optimize the tools used to attract traffic.

Expansion of Google Ads campaigns

We are constantly analyzing our companies' results and identifying opportunities to expand and increase our results. Your business will get only the right customers in the right quantities.

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