Google Analytics
What is Google Analytics?

Why Google analytics is so important?

Web analytics tools are various services that collect, process, and store data about what visitors do on a site after they click through. For data from an area to be sent to a web analytics system, a special tracking code must be placed on the site’s pages.

Web analytics systems have specific requirements for placing the code on the site. It is essential to comply with these requirements, as the data transmitted by this code will later be used to make crucial decisions.

Suppose you don’t pay enough attention to setting up correct data collection. In that case, it can lead to one of the many possible errors – duplicate data, complete or partial data loss, etc. And, of course, these mistakes will affect future data analysis and make it difficult to make decisions based on them.


Google analytics services are an effective tool for evaluating the quality of traffic, content, and site usability, analyzing your audience, and evaluating the return on investment of money in various sources of traffic to your site. To get started with setting up Google analytics, you need to determine the goals you set for your site. The goals of your website in terms of web analytics services are expressed in terms of the targeted actions of users on the website.


Google Analytics is a tool that we never let go of. Our employees are professionals in this field. We constantly raise our level, pass the certification, set new tasks, and find non-trivial solutions. We have developments for tracking data that web analytics systems do not collect by default. Our company has the status of a Google partner, and each employee has been individually certified in Google Analytics.

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