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What is Google Analytics Audit Service?

Why is Google Analytics Audit Service needed?

Web analytics systems are an indispensable tool for evaluating page performance, assessing the quality of traffic, content, the usability of the site, audience analysis, and, of course, when it comes to evaluating the return on financial investment in various site promotion channels.

If you already use Google Analytics service but you are not sure about the correctness and completeness of the collected data, the Google Analytics account audit service is suitable for you.

In order to start Google Analytics account audit, we need to understand the goals you set for your website.

Upon completion of our work, you will receive a detailed analysis of the accounts in the web analytics systems, which will describe all the detected errors/deficiencies/omissions and provide recommendations for their elimination, as well as suggestions for setting up the necessary tools for high-quality analytics tracking.


What is included in the Google Analytics Audit Service?

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