Google Ads Audit Service
What is Google Ads Audit?

Why Google Ads Audit is needed?

Google Ads Audit Service – is an analysis of the organization quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of the advertising campaign. PPC account audit is performed only by certified experts in contextual advertising and analytics. The main task of the audit is to detect flaws in ongoing advertising campaigns in Google Ads.

If you are already running Google Ads campaign, but you have a feeling that you have not reached the maximum return on investment, it’s time to order the service “Google Ads Audit Service”.

The reasons for which we are approached for an advertising campaign audit, there are different, here are the most common:

What will you get as a result?

After implementing all the corrections, you will most likely be able to improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. An audit of advertising campaigns does not include contextual advertising and web analytics setup. If you want a professionally configured advertising campaign and constant monitoring of its effectiveness, we recommend that you use our contextual advertising setup service.


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